The Saturn Ring Solutions is engaged in high quality training and certificate programs to cater the most advanced needs of the Pharmaceutical Corporate World. Various Training programs and Certificate programs are provided both in the on-line and off-line mode so as to get the best out of the Professionals. The Trainers and Speakers are some of the best in the industry and have huge industry experience and know the nuances of the Industry. Some of the Flagship Programs Conducted by us are:

This program will help developing the Marketing and Management skills in the students. The students are academically sound however, to excel in their career they are required to possess certain skills related to Organizations, Professionalism, Marketing, Decision making tools etc. This program will help the students to cultivate those skills which will give them an edge over other fresher candidates.


  • We believe that the Pharma Freshers have huge potential to grow.
  • We believe that after a decade experience in Pharmaceutical industry we know the nuances.
  • We believe that this is the best program designed for Freshers.
  • We believe that this program will evolve Freshers to successful Professionals.
  • We believe this program will prepare the Freshers to face challenges.
  • We believe that we can transfer our knowledge to you through real case studies.
  • We believe we can train the Freshers for MR jobs through 360º perspective.
  • We believe in You……Just believe in Yourself.


Students are busy with their academics and forget to analyze what qualities are required for a successful carrier and what the industry expects from the freshers. A lot of initial time of the career gets involved in learning the general things i.e. about the industry, about the market and about various aspects which can easily be learned in the academic carrier itself. The professional skills developed during academics will provide an edge over the other similar experience professionals. This seminar will help the students to emerge as future professionals and will provide a smooth transition from the academics to corporate arena. The seminar will focus on how to imbibe the useful information in to the academics and to transform those information in escalating the career ladder. There is a huge gap between what the corporate required and what the freshers offer. This session will help to fill up this vital gap.